Monday, July 05, 2010

RFID Medical Bracelets Using Pentagon Technology Now Available (Produced by Global Emergency Resources)

The Info Warrior Jason Bermas used to always say that people were going to be tracked, traced and databased. It certainly looks like that is going to be the case in the medical field especially during triaging. Instead of a normal triage tag, victims will be given RFID bracelets. You can watch a video on the technology by clicking here or the above picture.

With a hand-held computer, patients are tracked from triage to hospital admission, the fruit of Stan Kuzia's 6-year-old company...

Global Emergency Resources' technology was used during repatriation efforts from the Haiti earthquake. "As people were coming back into Andrews Air Force Base, they were tracking them," Kuzia explained...

"The folks at the Pentagon. The folks at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We've been working with these players and looking at how they would handle things. As a result, we have things like this, which are slap bracelets with embedded RFIDs in them," Kuzia said. The radio frequency identifiers let hundreds of people be identified at a disaster scene and use hand-held devices to track them all.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle; Global Emergency Resources

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