Tuesday, July 20, 2010

West Dam Collapses at Tempe Lake, Arizona as Water Drains into Salt River at 40,000 Cubic Feet Per Second

Wow, a dam breaking is huge news, especially in the desert during the summertime. I imagine that many low-lying areas will flood and many people may lose their lives. If you cannot view the video above, please click here for original source link at Fox.

Tempe Town Lake is draining into the riverbed Tuesday night, as an inflatable bladder filled with water collapses.

There are several bladders, or thick rubber water balloons, on the west side dam of Tempe Town Lake. One of several bladders popped about 10 p.m. and is pouring water into the Salt River...

A large rush of water is now flowing down the Salt River and could be dangerous for people swimming or on the banks of the river.

Source: KSAZ Fox 10 (Phoenix)

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