Monday, November 22, 2010

Panasonic Discontinues Production of Technics 1200 Analog DJ Turntables

I bought my 1st set of turntables back in 1993. They were a cheap belt drive system that I bought pre-Internet from some DJ store in Brooklyn I saw in a magazine advertisement. I later updated to a decent Gemini direct drive system and while that lasted me for a decade, these tables weren't Technics 1200. However, as much as I wanted to own my own Technics 1200s, I never had the money to spend on such luxury. Nevertheless, I promised myself that I would get me a set of these turntables one day no matter how old I was.

It is funny how time has a way of slipping away from us if we don't seize the moment. I gave my Gemini turntables to charity back in 2005 when Lindsey Lohan and other celebrity "DJs" with their iPod mix sets came on the scene. For five (5) years, I haven't thought much about DJing as I became an iTunes head myself. Last weekend, I went to my storage facility and saw the crates of my old records. Now that I'm a little older and a tid bit wiser, maybe I'm now in a position where I can finally realize my dream and buy some Technics 1200.

Unfortunately, I just found out that Panasonic has discontinued its analog turntable production line including all the Technics 1200 (see above picture). I believe that this is a recent announcement, so there are probably still various units in the marketplace. However, the cost of the these turntable units will inevitability rise as supplies diminish. I better scramble and make a purchase before that happens.

R.I.P. Technics 1200. You will never be gone with the number of units still in use and production today.

Source: Judd Studio Engineering

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