Wednesday, December 29, 2010

United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency Says OK to Sell Cloned Meat and Milk without Consumer Labels

Animal Cloning for Food Production (Report by U.K. Food Standards Agency)

You can read the full report from Food Standards Agency by viewing the above document. However, if you want a summary, basically, the U.K. government agency responsible for food standards has stated that food from cloned animals is no different than food from regular, traditionally-bred animals. Therefore, no labeling of food from cloned animals is necessary.

The European Commission has proposed a temporary five-year ban on food and drink from clones but papers released by the Food Standards Agency indicate that Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman believes this is unnecessary.

An expert committee has advised the food watchdog that products from cloned cows and pigs and their descendants are no different from those from traditionally-bred animals, posing no additional risk to human health.

I would bet that cloned animals are already in the food distribution system.

Source: The Herald | Scotland

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