Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Stabbing at Venice Beach Drum Circle on April 24, 2011

At 3:05 of the above video, some dude says that he used his "wife beater" to save the guy's life who was stabbed. The dude also says that a fight broke out over dancing and that the guy was stabbed in the abdomen.
I have attended the Venice Beach Drum Circle on past Sunday occasions, so if I had been on my skateboard this past Sunday, I might have stopped by. Fortunately, I did not leave my couch, because you never know when you might be collateral damage to some nonsense.

I wonder if this is going to be a wild summer in 90291, because Venice has been seeing a lot of violence in the last few weeks including a shooting.

Source: Yo! Venice

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slim banks said...

It wasn't even that nice out Sunday. (At least in Hermosa it wasn't when I was there). Hopefully it won't get ugly when it's hot 30 miles inland and everybody heads toward the sand.