Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uruguay to Legalize Up to Eight (8) Marijuana Plants for Personal Use

Jurisdictions around the world are loosening the legal restrictions on marijuana. Many States in the United States have passed or are considering passing medical marijuana laws. Last year, California even attempted to legalize marijuana for non-medical uses too.

Uruguay is the latest country to jump into the mix by proposing to legalize marijuana. The below quote is from the translated story (via Google Translate), but you can read the original Spanish story here.

The Frente Amplio (FA) agreed a draft law to regulate the use of marijuana. The new text was adjusted between the Movement of Popular Participation (MPP), the Socialist Party and the New Space (NE).

The initiative, to be adopted on Tuesday 26 April by the bench of the FA in the Lower House, allowing the planting, cultivation and harvesting and industrialization and trade up to eight cannabis plants per household.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, "shall include quantity for personal consumption to 25 grams of marijuana," as defined in Article 3 of the bill agreed that El Pais.

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