Monday, April 18, 2011

Gophers Believed to Have Breached Canal Bank That Flooded Manchester Park Subdivision in Idaho

Please note that it has not been confirmed with certainty that gophers are indeed the cause of the breach. Click the following link for the official press release or read below. No word whether the line art drawing of the gopher below resembles the actual alleged gophers in question.


Pioneer Irrigation District
3804 Lake Avenue, Caldwell, ID 83605
TEL: (208) 459-3617
Regarding the Breach of the Phyllis Canal

For Immediate Use For Media Information Contact:
Caldwell, Idaho
April 13, 2011
Mark Zirschky

While our research results regarding the breach of the Phyllis Canal at Manchester Park subdivision are preliminary at this time, and our investigation continues; we have found evidence of gopher holes in the area of the breach and believe that caused the ultimate collapse of the canal bank.

We have found fresh gopher holes since yesterday in the area of the breach, and crews are working to fix the problem and insure the stability of the canal bank.

While our investigation does continue, at this point it appears that gophers are the major culprit.

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