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LAPD to Conduct Martial Law Training on June 6, 2013!

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A martial law training drill in Los Angeles? Shut the front door!

LAPD and other law enforcement agencies conduct training and military-style exercises on many occasions, so perhaps this is harmless. However, some say this exercise is a martial law training (myself included).  If this upcoming exercise is indeed one of those exercises, I wanted to post this information in case any shenanigans occur!

On Thursday June 06, 2013 - The Los Angeles Police Department will be acting out a scenario on Figueroa between 5th and 4th Street. This demonstration is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM. This demonstration involves:
  • “Blank” gunfire,
  • Low flying police helicopters,
  • LAPD officers repelling from the helicopters
  • Emergency Vehicles with Lights and Sirens. 
Along with this event, there will be some temporary street closures. The closures are as follows:
  • Figueroa between 4th and 5th - Closing 10 minutes prior to event start and will remain closed for the duration
  • N/B Figueroa at 7th
  • E/B 4th at Beaudry
  • 110 Freeway South Bound Off ramp – Rolling Closure
  • W/B 5th Street at Flower 
All of the roads with the exception of Figueroa will be opened as soon as possible. Traffic coming N/B on Figueroa will be warned that Figueroa is closed so that they can turn off without having to get on the freeway at 5th Street.

If you should have any questions, please contact Senior Lead Officer Sean Lewis at (213) 793-0743 or e-mail at

Source: Luma!

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