Thursday, April 02, 2009

The New World Order (N.W.O.) -- Official Date of Birth - April 2, 2009

Here is a link to all the stories from TODAY only that suddenly "acknowledge" the New World Order. For years, they have said it did not exist, but now suddenly every media outlet has received their marching orders to tout it as a great benefit to the world.


I guess this validates what the "crazy conspiracy theorists" like myself have been saying for years. Will people finally believe that the bankers intend to bankrupt this country (almost there), incite regional violence to further tighten the police state, engineer a fraudulent environmental agenda to further drain our pockets with carbon cap and trade taxes, round-up any people who disagree with their plans and kill off 75-80% of the rest of us through pandemics, vaccines and war?

Oh Joe, you're always reading too much into this. Why don't you watch some TV and drink some fluoridated water (FLUORIDE STUPIDITY)? The bankers have to do all of this in order to save us from ourselves, because a few unqualified people got subprime mortgages that have destroyed the world economy. Everything will be alright. Just give it time and the bankers more and more money!

Hogwash! If you have that faith in these evil bankers and the government, then I know you are happy with the fact you (and your kids and grandkids) now each owe over $42,000 in connection with the $12.8 trillion bailout and stimulus (BLOOMBERG SAYS $12.8 TRILLION), and worldwide we each owe $190,000 in connection with the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble ($1.5 QUADRILLION IN DERIVATIVES). It's only going to get worst! Another $1.2 trillion deficit in our budget for the upcoming year (U.S. BUDGET $1.2 TRILLION DEFICIT). Enjoy the chaos!

All these bankers need to be indicted and arrested immediately for grand theft instead of being given more money and power! Of course it is not over, but the time we have been talking about for years is now at hand. Spend time with your family! Tell them you love them and get ready for the ride! May God bless us all through these trying times!

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Miya said...

Great post. Have you noticed how often the term "New World Order" is mentioned in the news today?