Monday, June 22, 2009

Congress Eliminates the EPA's Proposed Regulation Against Factory Farms For the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

Congress is so hypocritical! They claim to be all about the environment and green movement. They want to regulate the light bulbs we use and install smart grid electrical regulators in our homes to limit our CO2 production. They say it will help Mother Earth despite the fact that plants need CO2 to survive and produce oxygen.

When Congress actually gets an opportunity to pass legislation that will help reduce gas production from farms, Congress gives waivers to the factory farms -- corporate entities that show huge profits and have a huge political lobby. Nevertheless, I bet Congress will stick it to the small family farm with ridiculous taxes, licenses and regulatory fees while the factory farms will continue to rake in huge profits.

...Yet, yesterday the House Appropriations Committee undermined this progressive proposed regulation by passing the 2010 Interior and Environment spending bill. An amendment in the bill will prevent the EPA from requiring factory farms to report their GHG emissions—a move that represents a blatant handout to large factory farms.

Source: Meredith Niles (Grist)

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