Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NASA Ready to Bomb the Moon! (Is There Some Undisclosed Alien Base Up There?)

First and foremost, the picture above isn't the Moon being bombed, but the moon crashing into the Earth. Second, I don't believe anything I cannot prove, so I do not believe there are any alien bases on the Moon. However if this fact was revealed to me, I would not be surprised or shocked. Nevertheless, the real story is here is NASA wants to bomb the Moon.


NASA wants to bomb the Moon! What in the name of Dr. Doom Cobra Commander is going on around here? You don't bomb the Moon. It regulates our tides and its gravity definitely affects our planetary cycle. What if this bomb knocks the moon out of orbit or worse directly into the Earth? Hey, the Autobots were able to knock Cybertron out of Earth's orbit in the "Ultimate Doom" by exploding a large energon cube bomb in its atmosphere.

Nasa scientists are preparing to launch a space mission from Cape Canaveral carrying a missile that will fire a hole deep in the surface of the moon..

Source: London Telegraph

Image Source: Volcanista

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