Wednesday, June 24, 2009

U.S. Bank Holiday Planned for August or September 2009?

***UPDATE 08/07/2009 -- Now the Harry Schultz letter is predicting that the bank holiday will occur on or around August 26, 2009.***

There have been a few false alarms in the last year or so with the supposed economic freefall collapse and swine flu pandemic never materializing. However, we must remain on guard. Now Infowars and Bob Chapman are reporting that the U.S. banks will be taking a holiday in the coming weeks.

Bob Chapman’s influential International Forecaster is reporting on the possibility of a so-called “bank holiday” planned for late August or early September. According to Chapman’s sources, U.S. embassies around the world are selling dollars and stockpiling money from respective countries where they operate. “Some US embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies,” writes Harry Schultz, “enough to last them a year.” Schultz publishes the Harry Schultz Letter, an international investment, financial, economic, and geopolitical newsletter named as “Newsletter of the Year” by Peter Brimelow of Market Watch in 2005 and 2008.

So what happens if the banks take a holiday? What will the average person do? How can you prepare?

It is unsure what effect the bank holiday will have on regular commerce. Sundays are bank holidays and the world does not end. However, if the bank holiday also applies to ATM banking, then there may be some problems. Most people do not carry much cash, so if they are unable to get their cash out of the bank's ATMs, then there will be panic and bank-runs. The crisis will cause everyone to get so disgusted and scared that when the global bankers step in with the one-world government financial solution, everyone will accept it with open arms and the bankers win!

As for what to do, I'm no expert, but I would have as much cash on hand as you can spare. I would also buy canned and freeze dried foods. I would get water filters, guns and some alternate communication form aside from the Internet and the cellular phone system. That's a good start and will put you ahead of most people who will be lost IF the banks go on holiday. If you can afford it, you would also want to get some land 50-100 miles from a sizeable town with a water well, solar power generating system and a vegetable garden.

Source: Infowars

Image Source: David Dees

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