Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mayor Willie W. Herenton Tells the World Why He Wants to be the Next Congressman from Tennessee's Ninth District!

You can read Mayor Willie W. Herenton's full statement at the Tri-State Defender. A brief snippet of Herenton's statement is below. As someone who was a candidate in the 2006 Democratic Primary against the incumbent Steve Cohen, this race will be quite interesting to me.

Many people have stopped and asked me that question, why would you want to run for congress and as a beginning to answer their question, simply stated I am better qualified to represent the Ninth Congressional District than the incumbent. I identify more keenly with the needs and issues facing the citizens in the Ninth Congressional District. Let’s keep it real. Many citizens will be concerned with race and representation. There is strength in diversity, but currently the Tennessee Congressional Delegation is not inclusive.

Source: Dr. Willie W. Herenton, Tri-State Defender.

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