Monday, August 17, 2009

ACORN and SEIU Buses Booed Leaving Specter Town Hall Meeting (Pelosi-Style Astroturfing)

Speaker Pelosi, I believe this above videos of fake ACORN protesters getting booed while leaving Sen. Specter's town hall meeting is the definition of "astroturf" as you stated. I must thank you, because I never knew what the word meant until you said it, so you helped me increase my knowledge. Nevertheless, the local Pennsylvania people booed ACORN and SEIU members who were bussed into a recent Sen. Specter town hall in Pennsylvania.

The American people have to ensure that the genuine grassroots anger happening all over the country is not hijacked by Republicans and Democrats to further their two-party paradigm agenda that divides the country. No matter how much the Republicans and Democrats debate, the only guarantees are a bigger government and a ballooning debt.

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