Friday, November 06, 2009

Senate Democrats Use Nuclear Option to Bring Climate Change Bill from Committee to Floor, But Senator Inhofe Says Bill Is Dead

Here are some interesting things that Senator Inhofe said about the climate change bill:

1. This climate change bill will be the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN AMERICAN HISTORY!

2. This is the first time that a bill has been passed out of a Senate committee without any minority party votes.

3. The Senate is focusing on health care and climate change when Americans want them to focus on jobs, roads, highways and construction.

4. The Senate does not want Americans to know how much this bill will cost.

5. USA has more total energy and mineral reserves than any other country, but the country is not allowed to develop and exploit 83% of its reserves.

6. However, the bill is dead, because Max Baucus voted against the bill and he is the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

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