Monday, May 10, 2010

India's Government Plans Annual Mock Cyber Attacks to Shield Against Hackers

Cyber attacks are the new H1N1. It is the latest thing introduced by the mainstream media to instill fear in the populace. Yes, cyber attacks can and will likely occur. However, the reason they occur is because the government is either too lazy, complicit or otherwise to fix the vulnerable holes in its networks. The government also does not have a hand on enterprise architecture software which can take control of a computer without leaving a trace. Why are vulnerable government networks connected to the very insecure Internet?

India is getting into the mix too and will be conducting annual mock cyber defense exercises similar to the Cyber Storm exercises here in the United States of America.

The government is planning to conduct mock cyber war games every year, unleashing malicious mock attacks on computers of critical establishments like defence, telecom companies, airlines, banks and railways to prepare the nation against a cyber war. The move to have mock cyber wars comes in the wake of increased attacks by Chinese hackers on computers of major defence establishments in India, last year.

Source: The Economic Times

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