Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portland Detectives Interview Al Gore Over Alleged Sexual Assault Incident with Massage Therapist

About a year ago, I started telling anyone who would listen that we should protest these politicians and their corrupt policy advisers wherever they may go. I specifically mentioned Al Gore, because his snake-oil sales act is one of the easiest to recognize when you hear what he's shoveling. And believe it sounds just like it would smell - like sh*t. The word is obviously getting out, because people seem to protest Mr. Gore whenever he makes public appearances these days.

Legal issues may further damage Mr. Gore's cause, position and overall influence, because women from around the world are reporting alleged past assaults by Mr. Gore, including a woman in Oregon who has the alleged stained pants. This story will likely grow if more women make similar allegations against Mr. Gore.

Detectives interviewed former U.S. Vice President Al Gore this past week in San Francisco, a law enforcement source has confirmed to KATU News.


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