Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Kick Them All Out Project & Fire Congress Campaign Present "America Rising (Remix)"

I typically do not promote on this site when I link to source material. Usually, I prefer to link to various news and scientific sources as opposed to commercial sources. However, there are cases where I go against the grain, especially when I see something that excites me. And after watching the above video I was excited, because I agree with the message.

All incumbents should be voted out this election cycle!

This is a remake of the popular video America Rising, a version that voices the truth of things rather than the mindless partisan nonsense of the original version, like the bad, bad, democrats are the problem. Both parties are equally responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what the original America Rising was/is all about. I will check out the original project one day soon, but I do not have time to research the original project right now.

Source: the Kick Them All Out Project web site (

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HopeNJesus said...

Did you hear that Dr. Jill Rowland has a shot at beating Congresswoman Louise Slaughter in November? Yes!!! Another long-time Democrat could bite-the-political dust on November 2nd! Let's do it!

Tell everyone you know, who wants Slaughter out, to pass this on to people in New York, District 28. Tell them to GET OUT AND VOTE Dr. Jill Rowland in on Nov. 2nd: