Friday, September 24, 2010

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Cultural And Media Influences on Opinion (CAMIO) Model of Group Behavior

I have not been able to find much information on The Cultural And Media Influences on Opinion (CAMIO) Model of Group Behavior. The only official documentation I was able to find is the attached picture above. Nevertheless, it appears to be a technology straight out of The Matrix and a technology that can be used to study and simulate the political mood of certain demographics. If anyone has any additional information on CAMIO, please feel free to post the links to the information in the comments. Thank you.

The Cultural And Media Influences on Opinion (CAMIO) simulation of group behavior is an agent-based computational model that can be used to examine the opinions, issue stances, political allegiances or other judgments held by members of a particular group within a society and examine how these opinions change or can be influenced to change over time. Of particular interest is changes caused by an external organization such as the international or internal media. CAMIO is a model of how small groups of acquaintances form from larger populations and change over time; how opinions spread throughout the groups; how an outside entity, such as the media, can influence the spread of such opinion; and how this population of small groups may become polarized or unified around a particular issue.

Source: CSM (Computer Science & Mathematics)

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