Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Philippine Department of Energy Allegedly Verifies Self-Charging Electric Vehicle Using Free Energy Technology

I have not verified this story, but if it is indeed true, then it will have global implications in terms of energy efficiency and usage. Basically, the inventor claims that he has created an electric vehicle system that is self-charging. Check the above video and below along with the selected information from the article and then decide whether it is legit.

Let's hope and pray that this guy doesn't come up missing!

Further information about this self-charging electric vehicle may be read below:

We are talking about an electric vehicle that can drive down the road without having to stop to re-charge, because the energy is derived onboard from the surroundings, in real time; in the tradition of Nikola Tesla's Pierce Arrow.

The inventor, Ismael Aviso has posted videos showing himself and others driving his electric vehicle down the road, and the single 12-Volt battery that is connected to the 11-kilowatt DC motor doesn't run down, but stays charged -- more than full, at 13 volts, as measured periodically...

...The energy allegedly comes through an onboard antenna...

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