Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYPD Allegedly Brutalizes Pete Rock's Wife & Daughter at Smif N Wessun's Album Release Party (June 29, 2011)

This video is one of the main reasons I do not visit New York City often. How in the world can the po-po beat down (allegedly) Pete Rock's wife and daughter?

The Big Apple appears to be a great city, but the NYPD are a bunch of fascists. The city also has draconian laws relating to guns, so I'm definitely not a fan. Plus, I am always hearing about police brutality stories in NYC especially in connection with hip-hop events. Click here for the video link if you cannot view it above.

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Anonymous said...

what are the draconian gun laws that make them so extreme? are not the gun laws and the right to bear arms in this country so completely ridiculous anyway?