Friday, December 30, 2011

Homeland Security Allegedly Establishes Key Word Search Watchlist on Social Networks

Whenever I read an article that seemingly confirms my suspicions in the world around me, it is not usually a surprise. In this case, a privacy watchdog group (The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)) has sued the government and in its complaint it is alleged that the DHS has a watchlist on Facebook and Twitter for people who search certain words and/or terms. Say "collapse" or "infection" and you just might end up on this watchlist. Considering the history of coverage on Remixx World! with the H1N1 infection and the alleged 2009 bank run collapse, I am quite sure the DHS has this site tracked, traced and databased!

As part of the initiative, the agency [DHS] would "establish [fictitious] usernames and passwords" to spy on users and record their activities based on a number of search terms, including "human to animal," "collapse," "outbreak," and "illegal immigrants," the complaint says.

Source: Courthouse News Service

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