Wednesday, January 11, 2012

China's Space Activities in 2011 (Information Office of the State Council White Paper)

China Space Activities in 2011

This is a white paper about China's space programs is from the Chinese government, so take it for what it is. This document will definitely present the Chinese program in the most favorable light, so it might even be considered propaganda! I am quite sure that is what my grandfather would have called it if he was still alive to read this story - propaganda.

The next five years will be a crucial period for China in building a moderately prosperous society, deepening reform and opening-up, and accelerating the transformation of the country's pattern of economic development. This will bring new opportunities to China's space industry. China will center its work on its national strategic goals, strengthen its independent innovative capabilities,further open to the outside world and expand international cooperation. In so doing, China will do its best to make the country's space industry develop better and faster. At the same time, China will work together with the international community to maintain a peaceful and clean outer space and endeavor to make new contributions to the lofty cause of promoting world peace and development.

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