Saturday, January 21, 2012

DARPA Creates Time Cloak That Can Mask Events by Distorting Light

I am always intrigued by DARPA, because it is the government's "mad scientist" wing that comes up with all types of crazy inventions. The latest one is a "time-cloak" which can mask an entire event. This differs from an invisibility cloak which will causes an object to disappear from optical view, but is still detectable by other methods. The time-cloak causes the entire event to simply disappear from detection. Although it is currently only available on a small scale, if the Pentagon ever perfects the technology, it will be able to create the ultimate secret spy.

In movie magic, people and objects can appear or disappear or move from place to place in an instant. Just stop the camera, move things around and start it again. Now, Cornell researchers have demonstrated a similar "temporal cloak" -- albeit on a very small scale -- in the transport of information by a beam of light.

Source: Cornell Chronicle

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