Monday, June 08, 2009

Why Hasn't Al Gore Saved His Employees Laura Ling and Euna Lee From the Clutches of Kim Jung-il?

Count me in as one of the people who was once suckered into believing the whole man-made global warming campaign. I realize now that it is merely a way for former Vice President Al Gore to fatten his pockets controlling the carbon cap exchange markets. If VP Gore was truly about protecting and improving the environment, he would speak out against GMO seeds, cloning, heavy metal dumping, depleted uranium, the Eastern Garbage Patch, water fluoridation, contaminated vaccines and electromagnetic poisoning. Instead, Mr. Gore spends his time promoting the idea that man is directly responsible for global warming (and all this time I thought the sun had much more of an effect on our planet than anything) and the only way to save everything is to pay additional taxes to some bank.

While the "cool" Prius crowd loves Gore thinking that he can do no wrong, I know he is not to be trusted and many of his employees likely agree with my opinion now. Laura Ling and Euna Lee report for Gore's Current TV, but you would not know that considering Current TV's silence about the arrest. In March, the reporters were arrested on the North Korea/China border for an "illegal entering" into North Korea. After a state trial, North Korea convicted the duo and sentenced them to twelve (12) years in a labor camp!

Throughout this entire process, where has Al Gore been? Why is he not saying anything about his employees and why isn't he trying to get them back to their families? Why isn't Gore willing to offer himself in exchange for these women?

If Mr. Gore approached freeing these women with the same passion as he does with man-made global warming and cap and trade exchanges, then Ling and Lee would have been reunited with their families months ago.

While The Goracle makes millions with his global warming hoax, he leaves his employees in the lurch. Wonder if the mainstream press will [have] the guts to make hay of this.

Source: Politik Ditto Blog

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