Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cuba Asking Citizens to Register Their Handguns (May Be Allowed to Keep Weapons if Can Pass Aptitude & Psychological Tests)

Why is Cuba suddenly wanting to let its citizens keep and own firearms? Could it have anything to do something with the thousands of American and other troops fifty (50) or so miles away from the Cuba borders in Haiti? Maybe Cuba is worried and wants to ensure that its able-minded citizens are armed in case there is a need for battle. Or maybe the government simply wants to know where the weapons are in case the weapons need to be confiscated.

Cuba has declared a two-month amnesty for citizens to register unlicensed guns, and says those passing aptitude and psychological tests will be allowed to keep their weapons.

The move is unusual in a state where almost no one except some active military personnel and plain-clothed state security agents are allowed to possess weapons...

Starting Feb. 12, Cubans will have the “exceptional and one-time only” chance to register their guns with police, and will be allowed to keep them provided they are over 18 and have passed the proper tests administered at police stations.

Source: Havana Journal

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