Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Launches Propaganda Comic Book Called "The Story of Inflation"

Comic Inflation[1]

Why is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York suddenly in the comic book business? You can order the book from the Federal Reserve or read the document in the embedded link above.

The FRBNY has published a comic book, full of the misadventures of the infamous Darth Inflation. With such zingers as "By discouraging saving, inflation can harm the US economy. That's because the economy needs a supply of savings to provide the funds for people and business to borrow so that they can invest in the things that help the US economy grow" it is now clear that the entire FRBNY Board is comprised of lunatics, as apparently these people have not heard of ZIRP, QE, 0% interest on money markets and savings accounts, and must have Apple gizmos.

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