Monday, August 30, 2010

Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Letters Mailed to Families of Swiss Banking Executives

Considering the amount of money and real assets that the bankers have been alleged to have stolen over the last 100 years, I am surprised that there are not more stories like this one.

An 8-year-old girl was among those injured by letters containing acid that were sent to the families of Geneva bank executives in recent days, the magistrate investigating the case said Thursday.

Source: The New York Times


Nana Baakan said...

When you kill innocents, you are just as bad as the culprits who waged this travesty. There is no salvation in hurting others who are not responsible. If that were the case, folks would be justified in harming anyone they deem as collateral dammage, that is one of the biggest problems with this mad world of people who do not act humanely towards others.

The Moderator said...

Just for the record, Remixx World! does not condone any violent attacks by anyone except in self-defense when faced with imminent bodily harm or death.