Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BP Oil Spill Reportedly Has Caused Destruction of Gulf Loop Current (If So, Will Global Climate Change Occur?)

OilSpill-CNR 2

When Deepwater Horizon first exploded and went to the bottom of the sea, I recall reading comments and articles from various people in cyberspace who said the millions of gallons of spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico would potentially affect currents, weather and the motion in the ocean, including destruction of the Loop Current and Gulf Stream currents that provide warmth to Europe and the United Kingdom. Yes, I know this sounds like the plot to The Day After Tomorrow, but this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster. While it is not confirmed that the Loop Current has been destroyed, these past pictures depict a Loop Current that is not moving normally.

The above information that shows the broken Loop Current may be a natural occurrence that will eventually correct itself, but according to the report, the Loop Current is destroyed. I will need to review the latest images to see if the Current has reactivated, because the images in the above document are from May-June 2010.

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