Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FLASHBACK: Did President George W. Bush Acquire Over 98,000 Acres in Paraguay near Acuifero Guaraní? (2006)

I need to confirm if this story is legit, but with the so-called "water wars" on the horizon, it would make sense for the rich Bush family to secure land and potentially water rights near one of the largest underground reservoirs in South America.

The land grab project of US President George W. Bush in Chaco, Paraguay, has generated considerable discomfort both politically and environmentally.

The news circulating the continent about plans to buy 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay) is the talk of the town in these countries...

Argentinean Adolfo Perez Esquivel warned that the real war will be fought not for oil, but for water, and recalled that Acuifero Guaraní is one of the largest underground water reserves in South America, running beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (larger than Texas and California together).

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Source: (Prensa Latina)

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