Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Microbiologist Specializing in Genetics & Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases Dead in Apparent Suicide

Image Souce: David Dees

Call me skeptical, but I don't believe that this
young woman committed suicide by cyanide. I just do not believe it.

A University of South Florida molecular biologist died Monday night in an apparent suicide by cyanide at a Temple Terrace hotel, police said.

Something is quite fishy especially considering that Dr. Chitra Chauhan earned her doctorate from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in New Delhi, India, in 2005, then studied mosquitoes and disease transmission at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Chauhan also collaborated on the 2009 research paper piggyBac is an effective tool for functional analysis of the Plasmodium falciparum genome. Based on the current Notre Dame page, Dr. Chauhan was working on microarray studies of dengue infections.

Now this is where the conspiracy theorist side of me and this blog comes into play, because Dr. Chauhan's suicide does not make sense when (1) she had a 3-year child; (2) she had a husband; (3) she was very intelligent; and (4) someone who's intelligent would not likely use cyanide as a suicide method due to its potential pain effects. Why would she use cyanide when she had access and knowledge as a doctor to any number of drugs with no pain effects? A production company would throw me off of the studio lot if I tried to solicit a screenplay with this cyanide "suiciding" cliche, so why would someone use this method in real life?

In the last few years, numerous microbiologists have died under strange and mysterious circumstances and I sense a connection to this latest suicide. The powers-that-be will eventually go for broke at some point in near future with a man-made pandemic that will allow the centralized governments to take full control of the respective countries through martial law and mandatory vaccinations. If there was a "fake" pandemic, a trained and experienced microbiologist is someone who could potentially verify the origin of said pandemic.

It is well-known that there has been a recent outbreak of dengue fever in the Caribbean. It is also documented that genetically modified mosquitoes have been used in Malaysia and the Cayman Islands to fight dengue fever. University of Arizona scientists have even created so-called "malaria-proof" mosquitoes.

If the technology exists to genetically modify mosquitoes to fight disease, the technology also exists to genetically modify mosquitoes to spread disease. Alleged eugenicist Bill Gates has stated that he has no problem killing nearly a billion people through various medical procedures and practices, and Mr. Gates has also released mosquitoes in a public forum to prove his point about allegedly fighting malaria in developing countries (click the picture below to watch the YouTube video of this event).

While there's no proof, it is not hard to envision a scenario where evil parties create genetically modified mosquitoes with the ability to transmit deadly, incurable pathogens. If so, will the next pandemic come from these GMO mosquitoes? And are microbiologists like Chitra Chauhan being "suicided" to remove them as potential critics and resources when TSHTF?

Source: St. Petersburg Times


Anonymous said...

wow you are dumb, as her coworker I can't believe that you would write such crap, there is no conspiracy!!!

The Moderator said...

Thank you for your opinion. I hope I have co-workers like you in case something fishy ever happens to me - not! Unless you were there with her when the alleged event happened, you don't have any more primary knowledge about the event than I do. Therefore, your statement saying "there is no conspiracy," is pure hearsay that has no bearing on anything. If you're going to spit nonsense on my blog, can you please at least substantiate your claims with some type of supporting evidence?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog concerning Chitra. I don't understand, what was she doing in that hotel if her home was close to it? Why was she staying in that hotel and since how long? Could you please throw some light on this.

Anonymous said...

stop this nonsense now. there was no conspiracy. She committed suicide coz of her own reasons and that is it.......
May her soul rest in peace!

Anonymous said... coworker do you mean you were a janitor that worked in the same building 'coz' you don't sound like a Doc. The thought of conspiracy seems outrageous to you but yet here you are on a blog of conspiracies...strange. What! Conspiracy? No! I must make sure people know she wanted to end her life. I had to add conspiracy to her name to get to this blog. Concerning conspiracies -there are people that are ignorant of them or don't care, those that know and look for the info, and those that perpetrate them with a need (for someone) to cover their tracks. On that note, personally Id think the family and 'friends' would rather have this a homicide than a suicide. None of your comments make sense.

Anonymous said...

You should consider calling your own doc, a psychiatrist... that is where you might find some of the answers you seek.

Unless you knew this woman personally you have no idea what you are talking about. Having a child and being married are not valid reasons not to commit suicide... in fact, if things aren't going well, having these types of relationships and responsibilities will certainly push some people to their limits. Everyone has a breaking point, and when you reach it, everyone has the capacity to kill (suicide or homicide) the rage that burns inside will take over. With regards to why she did it the way she did... ever think that she wanted to create a major scene and let everyone know how much she suffered, how much pain she was in... study it, this is exactly what some people want when they decide to end it.

Please don't allow your irrational paranoid delusional daydream to soil this woman's name any further. She may no longer be alive, but I assure you there are plenty of people left that still care about her.