Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homeland Security Deactivates Scores of Websites without Court Order

Homeland Security is seizing websites at its sole discretion. This is a slippery slope that is probably better handled by the U.S. Marshals or the FBI instead of Homeland Security.

The Homeland Security Department's customs enforcement division has gone on a Web site shutdown spree, closing down at least 76 domains this week, according to online reports.

Unless Al-CIA-da is dealing in bootleg MP3s and home videos, this is yet another ridiculous waste of government resources. I recognize that willful & intentional copyright infringement is a crime. However, except in very rare, egregious cases, I do not feel copyright infringement poses a serious threat to the health, safety and general welfare of the community - at all!

If you ever happen to open up your favorite browser, click to Remixx World! and it's no longer available, then you will know that Homeland Security (and/or Google) has/have targeted it for elimination!

Source: Raw Story

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