Monday, February 21, 2011

Pneumonic Plague Outbreak in Madagascar Kills Sixteen (16) People

I keep my eyes on any story involving the pneumonic plague and this story of a pneumonic plague outbreak killing sixteen (16) people in Madagascar caught my attention.

Date: Sun 20 Feb 2011
Source: La Tribune online, Diego Suarez, Madagascar
[In French, trans. JW, edited]

An epidemic of pneumonic plague has been raging for weeks in the northern region of Madagascar, mainly around Ambilobe. There are already 16 deaths attributed to this epidemic.

This statement of the "Chancellery detached from France" in Diego Suarez is based on information from the referring doctor's office, Dr. Anant Govinjee: "An epidemic of pneumonic plague occurred in the region between Diana and Ambilobe Ambanja, specifically east of Beramanja (65 km). The first suspected case appeared 27 Jan 2011, followed by a first death on 29 Jan 2011. The death toll stands at 16.

Source: ISID

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