Monday, March 07, 2011

Declassifed Government Research Paper Reveals Evidence for Possible Companion Star to Sun

Evidence for a Solar Companion Star (1984)

I'm posting this one for all the 10th Planet, Planet X and Nibiru readers who might be checking out my page. If the above image of the document does not appear, you can check it out on the government's web page.

Periodicity seen in both the mass extinctions and large impact cratering on earth can be explained if one postulates that the sun has a companion star, orbiting in a moderately eccentric orbit with a major axis of 2.8 light-years. No other explanations that have been suggested are compatible with known facts of physics and astronomy. If the companion is a red dwarf star, the most common kind in the galaxy, then no previous astronomical observations would have found it. A search for red objects with large parallax is now underway at Berkeley, and has a good chance of identifying the star in the near future.

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