Friday, March 11, 2011

Was Japan's 8.9 Earthquake Caused by HAARP?

Let me state up front that I'm not saying that HAARP caused the earthquake. However, as a conspiracy theory blog, I have to cover all the bases. I will update this article as more information becomes available.

In case you missed it, a devastating 8.9 earthquake hit Japan this morning around 5:46 UTC on March 11, 2011.

The 03/11/2011 earthquake (preliminary magnitude 8.9) near the east coast of Honshu, Japan, occurred as a result of thrust faulting on or near the subduction zone interface plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates. At the latitude of this earthquake, the Pacific plate moves approximately westwards with respect to the North America plate at a velocity of 83 mm/yr. The Pacific plate thrusts underneath Japan at the Japan Trench, and dips to the west beneath Eurasia. The location, depth, and focal mechanism of the March 11 earthquake are consistent with the event having occurred as thrust faulting associated with subduction along this plate boundary. Note that some authors divide this region into several microplates that together define the relative motions between the larger Pacific, North America and Eurasia plates; these include the Okhotsk and Amur microplates that are respectively part of North America and Eurasia.

If you check out the HAARP magnetometer image above, you will see a lot of HAARP activity between 4:00 UTC and 8:00 UTC. The link for the HAARP magnetometer is here, but it will likely be outdated if you are viewing this site at a later point in time.

Previous readers of this blog may know that there have been many allegations about HAARP being responsible for many natural disasters. See also: Secrets of Cold War Technology - Project HAARP and Beyond (Book About Tesla Technologies by Gerry Vassilatos) and Russian Scholar Warns that U.S. HAARP Device May Have Caused Russian Heatwave & Fires.

As for a potential motive, perhaps it is because Japan has thoughts of becoming a nuclear state.

Tokyo's outspoken Governor says his country, which suffered history's only nuclear attack, should build nuclear weapons to counter the threat from fast-rising China.

In an interview with The Independent, Shintaro Ishihara said Japan could develop nuclear weapons within a year and send a strong message to the world.

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