Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FLASHBACK: Molecular Farming Companies to Create GMO Conceptive Corn to Prevent Herpes & AIDS (2001)

I've heard that birth rates are declining at startling rates around the world among animals and humans. I cannot prove that GMO corn is responsible, but when I read articles like the one posted above from 2001 about GMO corn being able to kill sperm, it certainly makes me wonder. It makes me wonder if this GMO corn and/or other man-made creations are having negative effects on mankind.


For additional information, check out the Farm Industry News article Corn-Bred Pharmaceuticals from Karen McMahon:

Drugs to prevent herpes and AIDS may be grown in a farmer's field of corn. A collaboration between a well-established drug manufacturer and a new company developing antibody drug products may make corn plants the ultimate pharmaceutical factory.

Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI, and EPIcyte Pharmaceutical, San Diego, CA, recently announced a long-term agreement for bringing the new antibody technology to the marketplace. In the agreement, EPIcyte is responsible for the technology to grow the antibodies for human and animal pharmaceuticals in plants. Dow and Dow AgroSciences will process the plants and manufacture the drugs.

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