Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Luke Rudkowski Confronts Van Jones Who Tucks Tail and Runs Away!

I must admit that I cannot stand this Van Jones a**hole. Therefore, this blog post will likely be very biased along those lines. You would think I would like and respect a fellow Tennessean, California attorney and black man who seems to have made some successes in his life. However, I hate shysters and Van Jones is the definition of a shyster. Van Jones will change his story whenever it is convenient for his selfish goals. While he was once a 9/11 truther, once Obama tapped him for a position in the administration and these positions were revealed, he ran from those positions like Usain Bolt.

I applaud Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change for confronting this clown and putting him on the spot. Van Jones is indeed a coward in my opinion! What real man threatens to call for security when being asked a question by a journalist? One of my friends jokingly tried to say to me recently that Van Jones and I were very alike. Even as a joke, that is completely wrong and I had to check my friend on it.

Van Jones wants a communist model and a transfer of wealth. Essentially, he wants a bigger government that only gives money and benefits to his green cronies. He's no different than a neo-con like Rumsfeld. The only difference is Van Jones wants his boys to receive the benefits as opposed to neo-con-friendly companies like Halliburton or Xe. I want the government out of peoples' lives and reduced significantly.

F*ck Van Jones! He and I are nothing alike and he is certainly not in any 99% demographic, no matter how one slices it.

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