Sunday, September 27, 2009

Martial Law Has Been Declared in Honduras?

There is an unconfirmed story from Ground Report about Honduras being under martial law, but the information could be merely propaganda or simply false. I have never heard of Ground Report before this story, but maybe I'm the one who's been ignorant. Nevertheless, I'm reporting it, because Honduras is a hot spot and I would not be surprised at all if martial law was declared.

Martial law has been declared in Honduras, according to a correspondent currently visiting the country.

The reporter, whose identity is being kept anonymous for his safety, is currently traveling for work and was informed in one of their factories, which was immediately shut down.

He informed me, "Curfew starts at 5:30pm till 7 am. Streets are packed. The ex prez showed up today- current prez is missing- presumed kidnapped."

Source: Ground Report

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