Friday, October 02, 2009

NORTHCOM Issues Domestic Terrorism Force Protection Directive to DoD Personnel (Says Complaceny is a Top Concern)

NORTHCOM has issued a directive to its domestic personnel telling them that they should not be complacent in their endless pursuit of the shadowy domestic terrorist. Allegedly, there have been several terrorist plots against DoD interests, but the article does not specify many other details. I wish I had a copy of this Force Protection Directive, but I don't have it and am too lazy to look for it online right now.

In response to the handful of thwarted domestic jihadist bombing plots in recent weeks - which included schemes against US military installations - the US Northern Command’s (NORTHCOM) Joint Operations Center issued a “Force Protection Directive” that cautioned domestic Defense Department personnel against becoming complacent to staying alert to terrorism threats.

Source: Homeland Security Today

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