Monday, September 28, 2009

Australia's Fifth Largest City Adelaide Faces Water Shortage Crisis (May Have to Use Bottled Water)

Mos Def predicted back in 1999 that there would be a New World Water (see above). He may have been psychic, because water is becoming the latest strategic geopolitical asset. In many cases, it is more vital than petroleum and precious minerals. In Australia, heavy water usage has drained the local Murray River, rendering it into a salty, undrinkable mess. As a result, the citizens of Adelaide will likely be getting their water from bottles instead of the river. It is interestingly coincidental that one Australian company just recently won the legal right to add fluoride to the bottled watter.

The water in Australia's biggest river is running so low and is so salty that the nation's fifth-largest city, Adelaide, is at risk of having to ship water in to its residents, politicians have warned.

Adelaide's water crisis follows
similar problems in cities around the world, as the combination of growing population, increasing agricultural use and global warming stretches resources to the limit. Experts are warning of permanent drought in many regions.

Source: The London Guardian

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