Thursday, October 29, 2009

United Nations Condemns America's Embargo on Cuba

For once, I happen to agree with the United Nations and its condemnation of the American embargo against Cuba. This Cuban embargo law is outdated (47 years and counting) and should be rescinded immediately. If we have dealings with China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, then we should have dealings with one of the closest nations to our borders. As an alleged socialist regime, I would have expected this President's administration to have eliminated this embargo long ago. I guess the current power holders value Florida and do not want to upset the anti-Castro crowd.

The assembly today voted 187-3 in opposition to the embargo, with only Israel and the Pacific island nation of Palau siding with the US, as they did last year. The annual diplomatic ritual had extra resonance this year because of the slight thaw in Washington-Havana relations.

Where in the world is Palau? Without taking a Scroogle cheat, I would say it is an island or atoll somewhere in the South Pacific.

Cuba's foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, told the meeting in New York that the embargo had cost the island tens of billions of dollars and denied medical care to children. "The blockade is an uncultured act of arrogance."

Source: The Guardian

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