Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robins Can See the Earth's Magnetic Field!

Holy super abilities, Batman, robins can see the Earth's magnetic field. From animals that can change colors, run at ridiculous or lift heavy things, the whole animal kingdom is a like being in the Marvel Universe where everyone has some crazy superpower. Humans have super intelligence. Whales have enormous girth and size. Ants have tremendous numbers...And robins...well, robins can see the Earth's magnetic field!

The researchers, led by Dr Henrik Mouritsen from the University of Oldenburg, wrote in the journal Nature: ''The results of the present study ... specifically suggest that cluster N of European robins is an essential part of a circuit processing light-dependent magnetic compass information for night-time orientation.

''The exact role of cluster N within this circuit has not been determined, but the present results raise the distinct possibility that this part of the visual system enables birds to 'see' magnetic compass information.''

Source: London Telegraph

Image Source (pictured above - an American robin): Sujit Kumar

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