Friday, October 30, 2009

U.S. Government Report Recommends Blocking Websites During H1N1 "Swine Flu" Outbreak for the Benefit of Wall Street Bankers!

Hogwash, as the old folks used to say. I do not believe this General Accountability Office government report. How will a flu pandemic cause more people to congest the Internet with traffic? I guess the mainstream media will argue that more people working from home will result in an increase in the Internet traffic. However, the telecommuters use the Internet at work while doing their respective jobs, so it is the same level of traffic. If the Internet can handle this traffic while people are accessing it from work, the Internet should be able to handle this traffic while people are accessing it from home.

INFLUENZA PANDEMIC - United States Government Accountability Office Report to Congressional Requesters

If my analysis is not detailed enough, then you can read the report from Natural News.

The US government has issued a new report that recommends blocking access to popular websites during a pandemic outbreak in order to preserve internet bandwidth for investors, day traders and securities clearing house operations. The concern is that a pandemic would cause too many people to stay at home and download YouTube videos and porn, hogging all the internet bandwidth and blocking throughput for investment activities, thereby causing a stock market meltdown.

Why is always about Wall Street? What has Wall Street done for America except for get $23.7 trillion in government funds over the last year?

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