Thursday, July 15, 2010

Willie Herenton Respectfully Disses President Obama's Endorsement of Rep. Steve Cohen in Tennessee 9th District Primary

I know Willie Herenton personally. I know Rep. Steve Cohen personally. And I actually like both of them personally. Nevertheless, this race has the potential to be a shocker on election night in a few weeks.

I find it interesting that President Obama would get involved in a local primary campaign, and Mayor Herenton correctly points this fact out in the above video. Did Rep. Cohen reach out to President Obama for the endorsement or did President Obama want to get involved in a local primary?

I don't doubt Rep. Cohen, because he has raised a lot of money and he doesn't lose often. However, President Obama's endorsement of Rep. Cohen may cause Rep. Cohen to lose white votes, because Obama's political touch to candidates is like kryptonite to Superman these days.

Nevertheless, the demographics will determine the race. If Mayor Herenton is correct about his numbers*, then Herenton will be going to Congress next January.

Rep. Cohen needs to receive significant black votes and Cohen has proven that he can get black votes in primary elections in both 2006** & 2008. Unfortunately for Rep. Cohen in 2010, Herenton is the only major black opponent on the ballot and Herenton is no Nikki Tinker. If Rep. Cohen wins this primary, then it will be Cohen's greatest victory in my opinion.

But if Herenton gets 80% of the black vote in this primary as alleged, then this election will be a wrap no matter what Rep. Cohen does.

Remixx World! Disclaimers:

*(1) Willie Herenton was the School Superintendent of the State-funded school system I attended until the 10th grade. Therefore, my writings are indirectly a product of Mr. Herenton's administration and educational objectives on my intelligence and skills; and

**(2) I lost in a Congressional primary that Steve Cohen won in 2006.

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