Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amtrak Train Hits Railroad Ties Placed Across Tracks on Seneca Nation Reservation Allegedly Due to Obama's PACT Act

The Seneca Indian Nation’s Cattaraugus reservation is #33 above on the map.

Everyone is turning against President Obama, and now the President may have problems with the Indian Nations that were in the mail-order cigarette business. President Obama recently signed the PACT Act, which legislation bans the U.S. Postal Service from shipping cigarettes. Here is the full bill text of S.1147 - Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009 (a/k/a the PACT Act). It is expected that the new law will cripple the mail-order tobacco businesses run by members of the Seneca Nation of Indians.

The Senecas stressed, though, that despite Obama's action, they aren't quitters.

"This is devastating for the Seneca Nation, the businesses and all the employees, but it won't take us down," Seneca said.

"We've been pushed around by the government for centuries, and we keep finding ways to survive."

No one has taken any credit, but an Amtrak train recently hit railroad ties that were placed across the tracks on the Seneca Indian Nation’s Cattaraugus reservation.

Investigators say there are signs on the western New York reservation saying “No Mail-No Rail,” in reference to a law that recently went into effect banning cigarette sellers from shipping tobacco through the mail.

Source: Olean Times Herald; Buffalo News

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