Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is There an Oil Spill at Short Creek Dam Recreation Area in North Dakota Killing Hundreds of Thousands of Fish as Waters Blacken & Smell Sulfurous?

Is there an oil spill in North Dakota (Short Creek Dam Recreation Area) that the media is not telling us about today? The story says that the die-off is due to a storm, but I do not understand why a storm would cause the water to change from clear to black in a matter of days. Click the above picture or here to watch the video coverage.

When local Columbus Sportsmen's Club member Shannon Burau went to Short Creek last Friday morning to mow the campground in preparation for the big weekend, he discovered what he described as a sickening scene.

"It just made me ill. The whole shoreline was pretty much solid with dead fish and it was stinking like a lagoon," said Burau. "It was just a disaster, a disaster. I've never seen anything like it."

...The water was the color of tea on Friday and now (Wednesday) is like black, black coffee and getting darker every day."

Make sure to scroll through the whole article, so you will see another likely cause - oil!

An oily film could be seen floating on top of much of the reservoir Wednesday morning. Where the water had receded, shoreline vegetation was black in color. A sulfur-like smell was in the air.

Source: Minot Daily News; KFYR-TV

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