Monday, November 01, 2010

Using Aspartame as an Effective Ant & Cockroach Poison?

For any of my readers who drink Diet Coke and/or other products containing aspartame, please read below about what ants do with aspartame. Ants avoid the stuff. I would avoid aspartame too - or whatever it's being called these days (AminoSweet).

Check out to see some photographs of what the ants did when they encountered an aspartame and honey mixture.

I had heard of a woman who made up ant poison from aspartame, and since we in Florida were being invaded by ants, I decided to make up some ant poison of my own. I decided the best way to get them to eat it was by mixing it with raw honey. I mixed roughly 3 or 4 parts raw honey to 1 part aspartame and put it out in a toy baby saucer for them.

Sure enough, pretty soon, the saucer was FULL of dead ants.

Later on, I put a small amount straight onto the floor. But this time, I got quite a shock when later on I glanced at the mixture. The ants had done something VERY strange to it!

You will see in the above picture that the ants COVERED UP the aspartame mixture! Presumably as a warning to other ants - "Stay away from this! It kills you!"

Source: Relfe

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