Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ex-Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson Reportedly Held Secret Meeting with Goldman Sachs While on Official Government Business in Moscow, Russia!

The audacity of this guy Henry Paulson is quite amazing. He fleeces the American public for trillions of dollars in bailout funds last year as the Secretary of Treasury while socializing with his good ol' buddies from his old firm Goldman Sachs over brandy and wine in Moscow, Russia. Unbelievable! If I tried to pitch a script with this story plotline, I would get thrown out of the office by the production assistant for being too unbelievable!

During that long summer between the collapse of Bear Stearns and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Hank Paulson held a secret meeting with the board of Goldman Sachs in Moscow.

Andrew Ross Sorkin tells the tale of the meeting in his new book, "Too Big To Fail."

Source: The Business Insider

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