Monday, October 19, 2009

German Elite Government Civil Servants and Military to Receive Special H1N1 "Swine Flu" Without Toxic Adjuvant and Preservative

If someone were to compile the various H1N1 "swine flu" articles that I have posted on this blog since March, 2009, one could make a fairly compelling case about the obvious dangers in taking the vaccine. There is the young woman who took the flu shot was disabled from its toxicity. The package inserts in the United States and in the United Kingdom list the various toxic ingredients that could potentially kill or cripple you. It is playing Russian roulette with a syringe.

The dangers are quite obvious and as a result, the German government and military will receive special vaccines that will not contain the adjuvants and preservatives that the masses will receive. The adjuvants and preservatives will be the things that will destroy hundreds and perhaps even thousands of lives forever.

The general population will be offered the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, called Pandemrix, which contains a new booster element, or adjuvant, as well as a preservative containing mercury...

Chancellor Angela Merkel, her cabinet members and ministry civil servants as well as those working for other agencies will get
Celvapan, produced by US firm Baxter, which does not have the adjuvant or the preservative, according to Der Spiegel...

[The vaccine] will be used for "state servants responsible for the maintenance of public order," the magazine reported. Next to members of the cabinet and civil servants, this includes staff of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which took the decision to order the new vaccine from GSK for the rest of the country.

Source: The Local (German News in English)

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