Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Are People Searching for the Burzynski Clinic's Alternative Cancer Treatment Center?

***For information on the upcoming Dr. Burzynski movie, click the picture above or this link.***

Normally, I would not be focusing on this type of story, but there is a buzz around this site over the last few days as I keep getting traffic from people searching for one Dr. Burzynski and his alternative cancer treatment programs at the Burzynski Clinic.

At first, I thought people were searching out rumors of Zbigniew Brzezinski receiving some sort of alternative cancer treatment. Needless to say, I was completely wrong! However, now this blog is teaching me some things. This Dr. Burzynski seems to be knowledgeable in alternative cancer treatment methods, so his site will deserve further research on my end.

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Growing from a small clinic in 1977 to a major, international cancer center with more than one hundred employees, the Burzynski Clinic is a unique organization providing a wide variety of advanced alternative cancer treatments, including Antineoplaston Treatment and Personalized Treatment.

Download the Burzynski Clinic Brochure (PDF)


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Char said...

I think that everyone who sees this film has a responsibility to search out people who need this information and tell them about it!